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Vanessa Kiritsis
A leading Australian 
Skin Professional & Cosmetic Artist

Headlining the reason to pursue consistent skin treatments, through pushing boundaries and opening up new possibilities to achieve your best face yet! 

Vanessa proudly holds almost twenty years of directly, relatable industry experience. Vanessa Kiritsis has earned respect amongst peers in her field of work, and supports others with her knowledge gained from her degree in Business Management and various entrepreneurial activities. Vanessa has developed, successfully owned and sold, as well as operated in top-managerial capacities, Australia’s largest day spa chains and popular cosmetic clinics throughout South Australia. In year 2016, Vanessa established a highly regarded and unique skin health and cosmetic artistry boutique in the leafy, eastern suburbs of Dulwich, S.A, known as Vanessa Kiritsis. Due to Vanessa’s distinguished collection of skin and brow services, Vanessa has newly founded a facial suite to build upon yet another level of the client experience. Tucked away in a serene and private terrain, whereby only the sounds of birds maybe present, you may choose the book exclusive use of the suite and car park for the most opulent of beauty establishments and services. 


Today, Vanessa has realised a loyal client following, with those clients entrusting Vanessa’s expertise in creating a genuinely, bespoke and unparalleled, skin experience. Vanessa, pioneering the distinct difference and simplistic, stress-free approach to making a booking… being the only Skin professional in the state to book clients based upon the ‘duration’ of treatment, rather then by a ‘treatment’ itself, allowing for a highly-customisable and specifically tailored approach. Educating and treating recognisable Australian Models, media personnel and leading journalists, as well as seasonal residencies from around the globe. Vanessa builds a valued trust and friendship with her clients, whereby respect and reputation flourishes through word of mouth. 

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